• I want to ship cargo to my country from China,what I should provide to you?

    1.How is the cargo packaged?Pallets, boxes, or other packaging? How many pieces totally? Weight and dimensions?

    2.Incoterms with your supplier. We suggest choose FOB instead CIF.For example, FOB Shanghai Port. If EXW, please include the detail address.

    3. Mode of Transport: By ocean or By air? If by ocean, do you need LCL(less than container)? If Air Freight, please specify how urgent the shipment is. Because the quote is varied of different airlines with different routines.

    4. What is the commodity you are shipping? Or what is the Harmonized Tariff Schedule(HTS) Code of your products? Some kinds of goods need special treatment.

    5.What is Port of discharge or Port of destination?Need it to offer available rate to you as different port of discharge,the price is not same.
  • Are there any restrictions on what I can ship?

    The size and weight of your shipment might restrict the airline or sea container or vehicle necessary to move your shipment. Also, goods which are classed as hazardous, perishable or high value are regulated by international law. Contact us with the details of your shipment and we can provide the best solution to moving that awkward load.
  • I have bought goods from different supplier in China,could you send cargo to me together?

    Of course, we can. You give us the contact information of each supplier and the detailed information of your cargo,we will pick up all cargo to our warehouse,then ship it out to your country together. We promise to offer you quality service.
  • Sea or Air Freight -What’s for me?

    When buying products from the other side of the world one of the first things to consider is how to get them to your door. There are two main options; Air freight or Sea Freight.

    The choice all depends on what your needs are. If you are looking for the quickest service, the best option is of course air freight. If you are trying to keep your costs down, the sky high prices of air freight may not be for you.

    There is a chance that the products you’re purchasing will force your hand one way or the other. If your cargo is being sold at an event in 2-3 weeks you won’t be able to wait for a delivery via sea freight. If, on the other hand, the products are large and the RRP is relatively low then importing your cargo by air freight will mean the cost to import the product will be higher than the price you can sell them for.
  • What is FCL & LCL?

    FCL means full container load. LCL means less container load. They are two common terms used in ocean shipping under international trade business. Besides, FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less truck load) are used in land transportation.

    FCL is the most optimized container shipping way regarding cost, volume and weight of the goods. The FCL process involves – picking up empty freight container in the container yard, loading at the shipper facility, transporting by truck / rail to the port of loading and further sea / ocean container shipping of the goods to the port of arrival and delivery to final destination.

    In certain circumstances of sea cargo transportation if you don’t have enough products for a full container load we still recommend you to consider FCL option. You may find FCL compared with LCL (Less than Container Load) to be more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient than other logistics services for you.
  • What does volumetric weight mean for air freight shipments?

    Length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm) divided by 6000

    According to the international air cargo convention to charge for weight or volume, above is the formula for which is the greater volume to ensure that the air carriers receive a reasonable amount of revenue for light items.
  • How much does it cost if I want to transport from china to my country?

    Firstly, it depends on the mode of transportation you choose. Usually cost 3 to 5 days by air is more expensive than by ocean, which may spend for as long as a month. Secondly, we need you to provide detailed information about your shipment to calculate standard price.
  • Could your company arrange goods to Amazon FBA warehouse?

    Yes,We can.We regularly deliver goods straight into one of Amazon’s fulfilment warehouses in worldwide,covers US,UK,Germany,Spain,France, Janpan etc. This means customers don’t need to see or touch their products to get them to market!

    A lot of customers import products to sell online via Amazon, eBay and their own websites. We do everything possible make the process of importing easier than ever so if you use Amazon’s fulfilment centres then we can save you some money by delivering direct to them.

    Not having to handle your products is an attractive proposition for many online traders who sell large numbers of items. Amazon offers a great solution but they require that you work to their strictly regulated practices.
  • Which Chinese Port Should I Import From?

    When importing cargo from China,there are a wide variety of ports your goods may be shipped from. A majority of the time, you won’t have a choice in where your goods are shipped from due to the location of the goods.

    This will probably be dependent on where your goods are manufactured but your supplier may give a choice. If your supplier is between major ports (often Shanghai and Ningbo or Guangzhou and Shenzhen) then you may be able to choose the cheapest or most convenient option.
  • What is B/L?

    B/L, short for Bill of Lading, is a transport document issued in sea freight. It’s normally required to be presented at destination to obtain the release of cargo. The B/L can be telex released instead of the original.
  • What is AWB?

    AWB, short for Airway Bill, is a transport document for Air freight. The Air Waybill number and flight information enables tracking of your cargo. The cargo rights will be changed from the supplier to the consignee, once the airplane departs.
  • Do I need cargo insurance?

    Under limited liability, damaged or lost cargo is assessed by weight, not value. That is to say, there is no guarantee of recovery against a carrier for the full amount of the loss and damage and your compensation may be dramatically less than the commercial value of the goods. However, we recommend goods are adequately covered by insurance. We can buy your freight insurance easily with big discount.
  • What payment methods should I choose?

    Pay by Paypal

    Pay by Wire Transfer
  • When should I pay?

    Sea Freight: against the copy of B/L in 5 days. Air Freight: before the airplane depart.
  • What is VGM?

    VGM,short for Verified Gross Mass.

    Misdeclaration of cargo weight is a major hazard which often results in cargo claims, structural damages to vessels and also poses a significant risk to the lives of staff.

    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) convention under regulation 2 of chapter VI which mandates the declaration of the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a packed container before loading on board vessels within a prescribed cut-off date / time to the shipping line and / or port terminal authorities.

    Effective July 1, 2016, SOLAS regulations for weighing containers allow two ways for weighing packed containers in order to obtain the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for each container by the shipper:

    Method 1
    Total Weight of Container – Truck Tractor/Fuel = Loaded Weight
    Real weight of the container including tare after the cargo is packed/loaded into the container.
    Method 2
    Addition of the whole cargo including packing and the tare weight of the container.
    Requires weighing all the cargo and contents of the container and adding those weights to the container’s tare weight as indicated on the door end of the container.
    VGM has to be indicated on the packing list and should be submitted on or before the document cutoff date. Each carrier has different requirements on when VGM must be submitted.
    If shipper does not provide VGM, several possible outcomes may occur, such as, but not limited to the following:
    • container would be rejected at the terminal
    • additional costs may incur for the time spent outside the terminal awaiting submission of the VGM
    • demurrage and/or detention may apply when a container is sitting idle at the terminal awaiting for VGM submission
    • per diem if container is rejected and booking is rolled
    • penalties which will be determined by the SOLAS enforcing authority
    Customer/Shipper acknowledges that it is required to provide verified weights obtained on calibrated, certified equipment of all cargo that is to be tendered to steamship lines and represents that Company is entitled to rely on the accuracy of such weights and to counter-sign or endorse it as agent of Customer in order to provide the certified weight to the steamship lines. The Customer/Shipper agrees that it shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any and all claims, losses, penalties or other costs resulting from any incorrect or questionable statements of the weight provided by the Customer/Shipper or its agent or contractor on which the Company relies.

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