Warehousing & Distrubution
Max China Freight offers full service 3PL services including warehousing, distribution, B2B and B2C fulfillment and intermodal (including rail), trucking and picking/packing/crating/skidding services.Our experienced team of warehousemen and loaders use a combination of wood, heavy duty nylon straps, steel cables, dunnage bags and other required material to ensure the safest loading possible.

We also provide services to the people of all sea ports as well as airports. We have an integrated supply chain of the services that works as an alternative to choose from. We really work hard, so as to get enabled and provide agile, reliable and competent services to our clients living in China as well as outside. We are of the belief that the success of the supply of the cargo depends upon the efficiency and promptness of the services provided by us.

With our developing and progressive techniques we continue to serve our customers with advanced technology solutions, process consistency and quality standards, that will reduce the inventory levels and logistics costs.

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